new design! "save the whales"

entitled "save the whales," released 7/31

Everybody needs to do their part to make this a better world. Sacrifices such as drinking wine instead of water for the good of marine animals is one such change you can make. Show your support for the earth by wearing this design.

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new design! "the birds"

entitled "the birds", released 7/30

A design dedicated to the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock classic movie, The Birds. Includes the Potter Schoolhouse.

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new design! "for Michael"

entitled "for Michael", released 7/27

A tribute to the King of Pop. This design displays the silhouette of Michael Jackson, the greatest live performer to ever live, and the artist who was able to create uplifting and positive music that everyone around the world could enjoy.

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new design! "film school dropout"

entitled "film school dropout", released 7/27

Screw that unnecessary formal education for the creation of movies! Some of the best film makers never went to school to learn their craft.

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new design! "not lemonade"

entitled "not lemonade," released 7/27

It's important to keep a positive attitude during this rough economic time. Beer helps.

When life gives you lemons, slice 'em up and throw 'em in some hefeweizen.

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new design! "26.2, never again"

A marathon, which involves running or walking 26.2 miles, if done at all, should only be done once. 26.2 and never again.

new design! "unemployee of the month"

A design for those who cannot be labeled as employed, whether by choice or not. Those individuals get the "unemployee of the month" award.

Use your unemployment funds and buy it here.

new design! "be reasonable"

A famous quote by actor and director Clint Eastwood that makes us laugh. "I tried being reasonable. I didn't like it."

new design! "mrs. robinson"

From the 1967 classic movie, The Graduate. "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me." RIP Anne Bancroft.

new design! "split tree"

Things are never perfect. This "split tree" design represents the beauty of the struggle to always grow, despite things not always being perfect.

new design! "give the drummer some"

The full drum kit, including the bass drum, snare, and hi-hat. Great design for you or your drummer friend.

new design! "bombs away"

Heads up! Birds have incredible aim, so keep an eye out! This design is inspired by the numerous times we've been pooped on by those silly living bombers!

Image on front, "bombs away" on back upper shoulder.

new design! "let it spin"

Some music lovers prefer their tunes on vinyl, and this design is for them. Let it spin.

new design! "community college graduate"

Be proud of those two years that you spent at community college to get that AA degree. Community College Graduate, in blue letters.

new design! "the gamer"

This design is for the old school gamer, who started their video game life on the original Nintendo. Features the Konami code from the video game, Contra.

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new designs! the golden girls

A tribute to the wonderful television team of The Golden Girls. Thank you Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McLanahan, and Estelle Getty.

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Featured Download - Melanie Fiona

Great new orange moon apparel featured download!

Singer and songwriter Melanie Fiona is about to release her debut album, The Bridge, and to build some buzz has recently put out a free mixtape with The Roots' dummer Questlove and his live band the Illadelphonics.

Incredible voice and live instrumentation led by Questo? You need to check this one out. And it includes Ms. Fiona's take on Kanye West's "Heartless."

WQST Presents: Melanie Fiona Meets The Illadelphonics (A Live Remix Jam Session of The Bridge)

1. Give It To Me Right (ILLADELPHONICS live remix)
2. Melanie Fiona and ?uestlove Part 1
3. Ay Yo (ILLADELPHONICS live remix)
4. Melanie Fiona and ?uestlove Part 2
5. Heartless (ILLADELPHONICS live remix)
6. Melanie Fiona and ?uestlove Part 3
7. Monday Morning (ILLADELPHONICS live remix)
8. Melanie Fiona and ?uestlove Part 4
9. Somebody Come Get Me (ILLADELPHONICS live remix)
10. Melanei Fiona and ?uestlove Part 5
11. Cupid (ILLADELPHONICS live remix)
12. Melanie Fiona Medley by ?uestlove

Download it by clicking here.

new design, released 7/14

Second release of the day!

"I'm with genius."

Enough of that "I'm with stupid" shirt. No need to rag on your friends' lack of intelligence... wear this "I'm with genius" design instead.

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new design, released 7/14

"your girl, my wife"

Show how awesome and hot you think your wife is with this design. And yes, this one comes in women's sizes as well.
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new SIGG bottles available!

New orange moon SIGG bottles available!

Display your love and appreciation for your two-wheeler. Let the world know how much you love your bike by sporting this simple and yet straightforward design. In green text AND bicycle image.

Riding bikes is just cooler; save on gas money, stay in shape. Best put by Bambu in Beach Cruisin', "If I had Puff Daddy money, I'd still travel like this."

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I love my bike is now $15!

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The popular heart attack, is now $18.

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hopeless is available now for $18.

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new design, released 7/13

entitled "Martin King"
released 7/13

A tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, the activist who dedicated his life to fighting for equality and civil rights. Dr. King's image on the front, oma's favorite King quote on the back.

Note: this design not available at To order this design, please visit