Featured Download - Blu, HerFavoriteColo(u)r

The first featured download for orange moon apparel is...

Blu - HerFavoriteColo(u)r

Originally released on Valentines Day, 2009...

Blu is an up and coming talented emcee from Los Angeles, CA...

On an album dedicated to the ups an downs of love, Blu intertwines his lyrical prowess with jazzy production and movie sound bites.

From Amnesia:
“I used to have peace and serenity/teaching divinity/break bread, sippin’ the blood, eating with enemies/blind, pearl on my mind thinking we meant to be/this, that and a third/boy did I learn – tables turn… used to speak sweet with sympathy/tees to mimic me/sunshine every line you ever sent to me/heaven sent, heavenly sent the later crippled me…”

01 Love
02 Amnesia
03 Since
04 Morning
05 Melo
06 Wind(terludeOne)
07 When(terludeTwo)08_Silent
09 Pardon
10 Vanity
11 Beggars’/BlackGold
12 Celln’Ls
13 Untitled(LovedU)2
14 Peace

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