No Plan B on your chest AND your wall

Due to popular demand, "No Plan B" is now available on print and poster, so you can put the motivating message on your office or bedroom wall!

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new design! "who to listen to"

entitled "who to listen to," released 12/29

A funny depiction of what can sometimes be a serious battle that goes on within us. Who do you listen to?

Available in our preferable version, with a special image on the back, here.

Also available through our own site, here.

If you prefer to order through Zazzle, you can get the design here.

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new design! "everybody has a heart"

Inspired by the popular movie quote from the classic film, All About Eve, starring Bette Davis.

"Everybody has a heart, except some people."

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Featured Download - Zo! - Just Visiting Too EP

Dah! Stop whatever you're doing and pick this free EP up by Zo!, longtime collaborator with The Foreign Exchange. Zo! produces the entire album, which features Phonte, Yazarah, Calitta Durand, Darien Brockington and Sy Smith. A great album by a group of incredible artists.

1. Perfect Angel feat. Yahzarah
2. Nights Over Egypt feat. Carlitta Durand
3. Crazy You feat. Sy Smith
4. Holding You, Loving You
5. My Flame feat. Phonte
6. Somethin Special feat. Yahzarah
7. The Highways of My Life (Pts. 1&2) feat. Darien Brockington


Featured Download - 6th Sense - It's a 6th Sense Mixtape Yo! Volume 1

New release from 6th Sense! You can stream the mixtape below, or download it to take on the go.

<a href="">Thoughts by 6th Sense</a>

"music lover" design getting lots of love

The response from our "music lover" design has been incredible. Thank you to all who ordered tees and hoodies! We're always trying to come up with new ideas for fellow audiophiles.

Make sure you pick up today's Featured Downloads below!

Featured Download - Dumhi - Indian Summer

Dumhi recently released their latest EP project, Indian Summer. Producer Haj comes with it like no other, and with guest emcees such as Jermiside, Al Mighty, Che Grand, and Donwill, this one needs to be in your collection. We love this album. Perfect soundtrack to get you through your workday.

Download Mixtape

Featured Download - Mick Boogie & Idle Warship - Party Robot

Idle Warship, composed of Talib Kweli, Res, and Graph Noble, have come together with Mick Boogie to create this free mixtape for our listening pleasure. Get it!

Mick Boogie & Idle Warship - Party Robot

From the group:
“Idle Warship welcomes you to our first full length offering, Party Robot. This started out as a path to musical freedom. When we established Idle Warship, we did it for us. Now that we are giving you this music, Idle Warship no longer belongs to us, it belongs to the world. We don’t believe in labels for music. Labels make stop you from hearing something before you listen to it. We appreciate those who have taken this journey with us without judgement and enjoyed the ride. To everyone who purchased our music on itunes and anyone who has bought a ticket to an Idle Warship show, this is for you. All my party robots stand up!”

1. Momma May I (Ft. Blaqstarr)
2. Metro (Res)
3. Screamin’ (Ft. MC Chris)
4. LA Famous
5. Steady
6. Try It On
7. Party Robots
8. The Warship
9. Fyah (Graph Nobel)
10. World On Wheels Remix (Saul Williams Ft. Talib Kweli)
11. Girls On The DanceFloor Remix
12. Bedroom Lights
13. Go Brooklyn (Ft. Skyzoo)
14. Black Snake Moan

Featured Download - DJ Jazzy Jeff - He's The King, I'm The DJ

Get this one as you prepare for this weekend's release of This Is It.

DJ Jazzy Jeff - He's The King, I'm The DJ

Download Mixtape

Featured Download - DJ Premier - Step Ya Game Up

DJ Premier - Step Ya Game Up
Production duties in the hands of DJ Premier.

DJ Premier – Steal Ya Game Up Intro
Nygz – Get 2 Tha Point
Showbiz Ft. Fat Joe, Party Arty – On My Way
Tef – Tefs Def Jam
Alchemist Ft. Prodigy, Nina Sky, Ill Gee – Hold U
Arcee – Super Educated
Redman – Welcome to Gillahouse
Pitch Black – Rep Tha Hardest
M.O.P. – Get Down
Shyne Ft. Foxy Brown – The Gang
Skillz – Take it Back
Young Gunz Ft. Jay – Z-Never Take Me Alive
Blaq Poet – Whats the Deal
Bumpy Knuckles – Why Freestyle
Diamond D – So Lovely
Ghostface – Its Over
Erick Sermon Ft. Whip, Talib Kweli – Chillin
Murs 3 16 – And this is for
Jadakiss – Still Feel Me

new design! "first draft"

entitled "first draft"
released 10/5

The design is for the writers, whether they write novels, screenplays, or short stories. If you're a writer, like Ernest Hemingway, you know that your first draft is going to be $hit.

Buy it here.

Or here at SKREENED.

Featured Download - Fashawn - The Antidote

It's been a while since we put up a free music download. As most of you know, one of orange moon apparel's biggest loves is hip-hop music. So besides providing our customers with dope music shirts to wear, we also like to help put you on to the latest quality free mixtape offering.

Today's mixtape is by West Coaster Fashawn, who has his debut album, Boy Meets World, which is produced by Exile, coming out in October. The Antidote, however, is put together and produced by Alchemist.

Download the album, here.
The tracklist:
01. Intro
02. Shall Come A New Name
03. Fash Plays It Cool
04. The Antidote
05. Gone In 60 Seconds
06. Rap Seduction
07. Whats Your World
08. From The Creation f. The Alchemist, Roc C & OHNO
09. FYT
10. Lost In New York
11. Got It Sewn

Want to know a little more about Fashawn first? Here's the video for his first single from Boy Meets World, entitled "Life As a Shorty."

new design! "mutual understanding"

entitled "mutual understanding," released 9/22

The elephant and proboscis monkey are able to understand each other because of the physical trait they share.
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or at Zazzle, HERE.
or at MySoti, HERE.

new design! "breakdancer"

entitled "breakdancer," released 9/21

Breakdancing, also known as breaking or b-boying, is a style of dance that is associated with the hip-hop community. Design includes a dancer at the top of his freeze in an extremely difficult and athletically impressive pike position. This is a great design for any b-boy, b-girl, or breaker.

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or at MySoti, here.
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or at Zazzle, here.

love music? these shirts are for you...

"music lover" highlighted by cafepress!!!!

You can get the popular "music lover" design now for $9 through cafepress!

The design has been chosen to be a part of this week's specially-chosen $9 sale!

designs now up on MySoti

Selected orange moon designs are now up at MySoti. I love the American Apparel shirt fittings and the color choices.
caged bird tee by nunley04. Available from

new design! "music lover"

entitled "music lover," released 8/31

A new take on our popular original "headphone girl" design. She's now got the boombox has all of her tune listening venues covered.
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Or through SKREENED, here.

new design! "smooth"

entitled "smooth," released 8/31's definition of "smooth" reads, "elegant, easy, or polished." Yep, sounds like a pretty accurate description of those who wear glasses.

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new design! "you wish"

entitled "you wish," released 8/31

You wish. You wish your girlfriend wore glasses like me.

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new design! "in the stars?"

entitled "in the stars?," released 8/31

Is true love meant to be? Is it in the stars for you? Gold or yellow stars and print.

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new design! "separate and not equal"

entitled "separate and not equal," released 8/31

In 2008, the citizens of California voted for inequality and the acceptance of civil rights violations when they passed Prop 8, legalizing discrimination and in essense, repeating the reproached "separate, but equal" ideal from the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision in 1896.

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new design! "cali grown"

entitled "cali grown," released 8/31

For those who want to display their love for being a Californian. Show your pride with this design, which includes the state outline in a deep green.

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new design! "vintage video"

entitled "vintage video," released 8/31

This design that displays an old film camera is a great look for any movie lover.

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orange moon now on SKREENED

Because our fans have different tastes, we've been working on getting our designs up on different sites, which would provide our customers with more choices in terms of style and color of shirt on which they can get our designs.

Our shirts are now up on SKREENED. They provide different styles and colors of shirts, so you can find the perfect one for you as a gift for a friend.

Visit our shop there.

new design! "bette davis"

entitled "her eyes," released 8/20

Known for her incredible acting talent and her hypnotizing eyes... a silhouette of Ms. Davis.

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new designs!

Got all of the sexes and scenarios covered now...

All designs come in both men's and women's sizes... no wack discrimination here. You can buy the designs here.

new design! "ball's in your court"

entitled "ball's in your court," released 8/17

Though it may not seem like it at times, you have the ability to change your situation for the better. You're never hopeless. The ball is always in your court.

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new design! "bueller?"

entitled "bueller?," released 8/12

From the 1986 classic movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Everyone remembers Ben Stein playing the Economics Instructor taking roll… Bueller? Bueller?

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new design! "pillow fighting champion"

entitled "pillow fighting champion," released 8/11

Don't mess with the owner of this shirt, because it means they are deadly with their weapon of fluffy feathers. This design is for the pillow fighting champion.

Also comes in toddler and kid sizes.

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new design! "make be(a)ts"

entitled "make be(a)ts," released 8/10

Beats are the foundation for creating and producing hip-hop music. This design offers a different and softer look for beat makers, which allows them to display their music creation abilities using an unexpected beet vegetable.

Buy it here.

new design! "beats rhymes life"

entitled "beats, rhymes, and life", released 8/7

This design is inspired by one of the best all-time hip-hop groups, A Tribe Called Quest. Beats, Rhymes and Life was their fourth album, was primarily produced with the assistance of the beloved J Dilla, and is regarded as the groups darkest album in content.

Buy it here.

new design! "musical owls"

entitled "musical owls," released 8/6

Once upon there were two owls sitting in a tree. One of them had headphones on and was listening to The Who (Hoo). The end.

To buy, go here!

free "support the troops" sticker!!!!

Go your "Support The Troops" sticker FOR FREE!!!!

Note: make sure you use the coupon code GOFREEUSA upon checkout!

new design! "caged bird"

entitled "caged bird," released 8/5

A different take on Maya Angelou's title of her famous autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. This caged bird, wearing headphones, is singing because it's listening to some incredible tunes.

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new design! "army guy"

entitled "army guy," released 8/4

The classic plastic army soldier toy. This design features "the bazooka man" soldier of the Ideal US Infantry line.

Buy it here.

new design! "here, the world"

entitled "here, the world," released 8/3

The world is yours. Sometimes we forget that we have control over our lives, getting stuck into routine. You can be who you want to be. This life is a gift. Here, the world.

Buy it here.

new design! "save the whales"

entitled "save the whales," released 7/31

Everybody needs to do their part to make this a better world. Sacrifices such as drinking wine instead of water for the good of marine animals is one such change you can make. Show your support for the earth by wearing this design.

Buy it here.

new design! "the birds"

entitled "the birds", released 7/30

A design dedicated to the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock classic movie, The Birds. Includes the Potter Schoolhouse.

Buy it here.

new design! "for Michael"

entitled "for Michael", released 7/27

A tribute to the King of Pop. This design displays the silhouette of Michael Jackson, the greatest live performer to ever live, and the artist who was able to create uplifting and positive music that everyone around the world could enjoy.

Buy it here.

new design! "film school dropout"

entitled "film school dropout", released 7/27

Screw that unnecessary formal education for the creation of movies! Some of the best film makers never went to school to learn their craft.

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new design! "not lemonade"

entitled "not lemonade," released 7/27

It's important to keep a positive attitude during this rough economic time. Beer helps.

When life gives you lemons, slice 'em up and throw 'em in some hefeweizen.

Buy it here.

new design! "26.2, never again"

A marathon, which involves running or walking 26.2 miles, if done at all, should only be done once. 26.2 and never again.